Good patents create barriers to entry in areas of commercial importance. Make sure that your patents are more than expensive plaques on your office walls.

We create IP that matters. Don’t waste your money on patents that simply showcase technology. Our patents drive real success and create commercial opportunity.
We are a team of deep talent and experience, not only in law and technology, but also in operating real businesses. As counsel to technology companies, we apply this collective knowledge and work with our clients to develop and implement strategies that translate innovation into competitive advantage.
Our approach is further strengthened by our work evaluating intellectual property assets on behalf of investors. With this perspective and background, your patents are viable business assets – ones that attract investors, support exit opportunities and deliver results.
  • Biotech Tools
  • Diagnostics
  • Energy/Clean Energy
  • Hardware/Software
  • Luxury Brands
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Sporting Goods

We assist clients with:

Patent strategy design and implementation

Patent Prosecution

Licensing and collaborations





Patent Enforcement

Patent Procurement

Post-Grant Proceedings




Portfolio reviews

Mergers & acquisitions

Intellectual Property Group Leader

Thomas C. Meyers


Boston, MA