Every day, every hour, decisions are made in Washington that impact the future of your business. We give you a voice in the outcome.

When a small change in the tax laws could cost you millions of dollars or a new Federal Rule could make or break your business, you need strong voices with quick access to key decision-makers. Brown Rudnick gives you that direct line.

Our bipartisan team includes professionals with high-level Washington experience, among them former top White House and Congressional aides. We know how Washington works – from the inside out. We know how to get you a serious and sympathetic hearing on Capitol Hill and in the Executive Branch – and the results you want and need to run a successful business.

We provide counsel and strategic planning for companies and trade associations across a diverse spectrum – health care, pharmaceuticals, insurance, financial services, technology, manufacturing and energy. Examples of this work? Companies including Oracle, Medtronic, Mutual of Omaha, Hospira, The Principal Financial Group and Toyota look to us for strategic political advice, legislative expertise and rulemaking advocacy.

We recognize that people do business with those who they know, like and trust. That’s how we operate, too. Let’s work together.

Specific areas of our client support include:

Corporate taxation

International transactions

Intellectual capital

Financial services regulation

Health care issues

Climate-change and other environmental standards

Manufacturing and distribution

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