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Shlomo Katz is a member of the Dispute Resolution Department, where he focuses on the areas of government contracts / procurement and commercial law and litigation, wage and hour law, and construction law. Shlomo has significant experience in both prosecuting and defending against bid protests, preparing, negotiating, and litigating contract claims, and representing contractors in Inspector General and Department of Justice investigations. Shlomo also advises clients on contract compliance, subcontracting, data rights, trade secret, and labor law issues relating to government contracts. He participates in mergers and acquisitions of government contractors, advising on issues of assignment and novation, intellectual property / data rights, and facility security clearances, and works with investors and portfolio companies to structure investments ways that preserve a concern’s status as a small businesses. Shlomo has successfully litigated before federal, state and local courts and the Government Accountability Office and Boards of Contract Appeals.

In addition, Shlomo is Brown Rudnick’s Wage & Hour Group Leader and represents clients in connection with minimum wage, working time, and overtime issues under the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), Service Contract Act (SCA), Davis-Bacon Act, federal Executive Orders, and state wage payment and prevailing wage laws. This includes conducting proactive wage-hour audits for employers as well as litigation of minimum wage, overtime, and wage payment claims by federal and state labor departments and private litigants, including class actions. Shlomo also has represented parties in wrongful termination and discrimination cases before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and in federal court and has advised clients on WARN Act notices and on the labor law provisions of federal COVID-19 relief legislation.

Shlomo is fluent in Hebrew and is registered to practice architecture in Israel.


Represented restaurant chain in successful Zoom mediation and favorable settlement of a multi-million dollar class action claim by tipped workers for back wages and statutory penalties – Coba vs. Wagamama USA LLC, Case No. 0614988/2020 (N.Y. Supreme Court).

Successfully opposed a bid protest against a $45 million award to EMCOR Government Services for facilities maintenance and management services at U.S. Department of Energy headquarters in Washington – S. Facilities, Inc., B-418229, 2020 CPD ¶65.

Obtained favorable settlements for employees in suits for overtime, along the way defeating defendants’ motions to dismiss several affiliated entities from those lawsuits – see, e.g., Vasilos Tombros v. Cycloware, LLC, et al., Civil Action No. 8:19-cv-03548-PX (D. Md., Aug. 17, 2020). (This was a pro bono representation.)

Successfully protested the contracting officer’s choice of NAICS code in a solicitation for helicopter engine overhaul and repair services – Keystone Turbine Services, LLC, SBA No. NAICS-5996 (2019).

Successfully opposed a bid protest against a $150 million award to Mantech Advanced Systems International – Sotera Defense Solutions, Inc., B-414056, 2017 CPD ¶46.

Successfully opposed application for a temporary restraining order and motions for preliminary and permanent injunctions against award of a contract to Seaward Services, Inc. – Munilla Construction Management LLC v. United States, 130 Fed.Cl. 131 (2016) & 130 Fed.Cl. 635 (2017).

Successfully opposed a size protest challenging the small business status and eligibility for contract award of McMurdo, Inc., and assisted the client in winning a favorable size determination – Size Appeal of ACR Electronics, Inc., No. SIZ-5770 (2016).

Successfully opposed multiple bid protests against the award of a multi-billion dollar multiple award contract to Information Innovators, Inc. – Pro-Sphere Tek, Inc., B-410898.11, 2016 CPD ¶201; SBG Technology Solutions, Inc., B-410898.9, 2016 CPD ¶199.

Successfully opposed a bid protest of a contract award to Information Innovators, Inc. that raised novel issues relating to compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (“FISMA”) – Discover Technologies LLC, B-412773, 2016 CPD ¶142.

Represented EJB Facilities Services in pursuing a claim for additional costs of elevator maintenance based on the government’s misinterpretation of the specifications; successfully opposed the government’s motion for summary judgment and then negotiated a favorable settlement – EJB Facilities Services, ASBCA No. 57434, 12-1 BCA ¶34964.

Successfully defended the small business status of Rome Research Corporation and its eligibility for contract award – Size Appeal of Cambridge International Systems, Inc., SIZ-5516 (2013).

Successfully opposed multiple bid protests against the award of a $120 million contract to Portage, Inc. — TPMC-EnergySolutions Environmental Services, LLC, B 406183, 2012 CPD ¶ 135; Gonzales–Stoller Remediation Services, LLC, B 406183.2, .3 & .4, 2012 CPD ¶ 134.

Won dismissal of a Lanham Act suit brought by an incumbent contractor against a bidder for a follow-on contract, and won dismissal of various state law claims against the client and three of its employees – Kratos Defense Engineering Solutions, Inc. v. NES Associates, LLC et al, Case No. 10-1452 (E.D. Va., Mar. 23, 2011).

Represented Sabreliner Corporation and assisted the U.S. Air Force in upholding the contracting officer’s determination that the awardee’s contract performance would not pose an organizational conflict of interest (OCI) – Protest of Valdez Corporation, B-402256.3, 2011 CPD ¶13.

Won summary judgment on behalf of a Government contractor that was sued in the U.S. District Court in California for alleged copyright infringement and breach of license, persuading the court that the Government, not the contractor, was the proper defendant – BMMsoft, Inc. v. White Oaks Technology, Inc., No. C-09-4562 MMC, 2010 WL 1875727 (N.D. Cal., May 7, 2010) and 2010 WL 3340555 (N.D. Cal., August 25, 2010).

Developed litigation strategy and conducted discovery and motion practice in both the U.S. Court of Federal Claims and the U.S. Civilian Board of Contract Appeals leading to successful multi-million dollar settlement of approximately 30 changes claims under a Government contract – CH2M HILL Hanford Group, Inc. v. U.S. Department of Energy (2009). (Along the way, Shlomo won a procedural victory in CH2M Hill Hanford Group, Inc. v. U.S., 82 Fed.Cl. 139 (2008)).

Persuaded the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals to dismiss a Government counterclaim against the client – USProtect Corp. v. Department of Homeland Security, CBCA 65, 08-1 BCA ¶ 33782 (2008).

Led the appeals court to reverse the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals and grant summary judgment to the contractor on its SCA price adjustment claim – Lear Siegler Services, Inc. v. Rumsfeld, 457 F.3d 1262 (Fed. Cir. 2006).

Persuaded the U.S. Court of Appeal to deny a bid protest against a multi-million dollar contract award to Ashton-Potter, even though the awarding agency agreed with the protestor that proposal evaluation was flawed – Banknote Corporation of America, Inc. v. United States, 365 F.3d 1345 (Fed. Cir. 2004).

Persuaded the Federal Circuit to void Freedom, NY, Inc.’s release of its claims – Rumsfeld v. Freedom, NY, Inc., 329 F.3d 1320 (Fed. Cir. 2003).

Defended a major subway system in a jury trial against a $47 million claim by one of the Metro’s construction contractors – KiSKA-Kajima v Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority.

Represented a contractor in a successful bid protest against the Army’s exclusion of the contractor from bidding on an aircraft maintenance contract – Fabritech, Inc., B-298247, 2006 CPD ¶112.

Represented a contractor in successfully overturning the award of a multi-year Navy contract to a competitor – Burns and Roe Services Corporation, B-291530, 2004 CPD ¶85.

Represented a contractor in successfully protesting the award of a sole-source contract to its competitor – Protest of Sabreliner Corporation, B-288030, 2001 CPD ¶170.

Won partial summary judgment and negotiated favorable settlement for subcontractor in connection with a dispute arising from a DOE subcontract – ICF Kaiser Hanford Company v. Westinghouse Hanford Co. (E.D. Wash., Mar. 30, 1999).

Won partial summary judgment for contractor in connection with the Army’s denial of an unabsorbed overhead claim and then negotiated favorable settlement – BEI Defense Systems Co., ASBCA No. 46399, 95-1 BCA ¶27,328.

Successfully represented contractor in persuading the ASBCA to vacate its prior denial of the contractor’s $21 million claim and to schedule a new hearing, ultimately leading to a multi-million judgment for the contractor – Freedom, NY, Inc., ASBCA No. 43965, 96-2 BCA ¶28,502.

Successfully represented contractor in connection with a size protest – C&D Security Management, Inc.fe, SBA No. SIZ-4823 (O.H.A. 2006).


George Washington University Law School – J.D., 1990
University of Maryland School of Architecture – B.S., 1986

Bar Admissions

District of Columbia
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
U.S. Court of Federal Claims


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Shlomo is co-author of, and wrote regular supplements for, the following publications (all published originally by Thompson Information Services)
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