We are delighted to share with you the International Law Book Facility's (ILBF) anniversary film celebrating 15 years of supporting access to justice for all. Their mission is to support the rule of law and access to justice across the world through sharing legal knowledge. Since 2005, they have delivered 65,000 legal textbooks donated by the UK legal community to more than 190 organizations in 53 countries across six continents.

In the film you will hear from organisations in the DRC, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe who have recently received law books and why they make a difference. Given the Covid-19 pandemic ILBF supporters and trustees used their ingenuity to make the film on mobile phones and all other production was by volunteers.

This anniversary is a great milestone that celebrates the passion and commitment of all of the ILBF's partners and supporters across the legal profession to provide the global legal community with precious resources. London Litigation Partner Jane Colston is an active Trustee of the ILBF and works with the ILBF team to sustain ILBF’s mission.

Watch the film here

For more information about the ILBF please see www.ilbf.org.uk.

If you wish to help the ILBF continue their work to support access to justice for all please contact the ILBF or Jane Colston.