Brown Rudnick has extensive experience in the Middle East and Africa, including serving as trusted advisers and advocates to governmental bodies, project finance sponsors, investment and development banks, funds and asset managers, telecom companies and other business sectors, and major corporate clients from mature markets working with and investing in emerging markets. As a result of this work, we have developed a strong understanding of both the region and individual countries, as well as excellent networks of contacts, including some of the best independent local law firms, in many of these countries.

Our capabilities include:

Assessing and advising our clients on the risk and reward of new commercial opportunities, specifically for international contracts, joint ventures, and projects of all sizes.

Tailoring, drafting, and negotiating international contracts for clients, including the sale, distribution and supply arrangements, licensing, joint ventures, project finance and infrastructure, energy, and oil and gas.

Troubleshooting and managing the risk as it relates to existing business and contracts already in performance.

Engaging in sensitive negotiations with counterparties, including governments and state-owned entities, due to our cultural understanding, skills, and diplomacy.

Ensuring that the appropriate risk management and compliance procedures in place to address anti-corruption legislation with extraterritorial effect, including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act.

Leveraging insightful and efficient methods and strategies to resolve civil law and common law disputes of all types, whether before state courts, in arbitration, or otherwise.