Michael Bowe, Brown Rudnick Partner and Chair of the Litigation & Arbitration Practice Group, and Lauren Tabaksblat, Partner and a Practice Group Leader of the Litigation & Arbitration Practice Group, co-authored the Thomson Reuters Westlaw Journal article “You Still Can’t Sue A Germ, But You Can Appear As A Kitty-Cat: Comparing the 2008 Financial Crisis to The COVID Pandemic A Year In,” published in April 2021.

In the article, the lawyers discuss legal practice trends that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic and their likely long-term impacts. The “You Can Appear As a Kitty-Cat” article is a follow-up to the authors’ previous article “You Can’t Sue a Germ: Comparing the 2008 Financial Crash to the COVID-19 Economic Crisis,” published by Thomson Reuters Westlaw Journal in June 2020.

Michael and Lauren remarked in their April 2021 piece, “When we wrote in June 2020 about the likely differences between the 2008 financial crisis and the pandemic, we noted that ‘[f]rom a practitioner's perspective, perhaps the biggest difference between litigation in 2008 and today is the impact the crisis itself has had on the courts,’ which were forced to close while life and the filings of cases continued. Our observation proved correct. This seismic shift in the way we litigate disputes dwarfs other litigation-related pandemic issues not only because it is unprecedented, but also because, as we predicted, many of the other trends from the 2008 financial crisis never materialized.”

Michael is an experienced trial lawyer who has successfully litigated a variety of business and personal cases, on both the plaintiff and defense side, and at both the trial and appellate level. Lauren represents clients through all stages of complex commercial litigation from pre-litigation advisory services through trial and appeal.

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