If you’re a growing business, intellectual property litigation can shrink your market and eat your profits. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Brown Rudnick can help you initiate an infringement claim or defend a claim with smart, strategic and cost-effective approaches. All with a goal to enhance your core business.

Backed by decades of experience working with emerging and technology-driven companies and those who invest in them, we know when it’s important to litigate and when another, quicker resolution adds more value. From the first moment a problem comes to light – whether it’s infringement by a competitor or a licensing demand – we guide you through the process, always with an eye toward your bottom line. Our lawyers hold degrees in science and technology, so we can understand your business, appreciate the assets and help you work toward your goals.

We represent businesses in, for example, the software, internet, life sciences, e-commerce, retail and venture capital industries in disputes involving:




Trade secrets

False advertising

Unfair competition


Proprietary and open source software

Cross-border jurisdictional issues

Intellectual Property Litigation Group Leader

Alfred R. Fabricant


New York, NY