Brands create loyalty beyond reason.

The process of creating unique iconography which encapsulates the goodwill and reputation of a person or a business in the customer’s mind is as much an art as a science.  A brand is a complex amalgam of ideas, images, experiences, qualities and legal rights.

A brand is more than the essential iconography, trademarks, names, trade dress and design.  A brand lives in the minds of the customer.  Building and preserving, the power of a brand requires sophisticated understanding of reputation, goodwill and the heuristics of perception.

Brown Rudnick's Global Brands Group understands brands and their creation, development and value.  We structure, defend and exploit the legal and commercial rights underpinning your brand so as to maximise their value and minimize the impact of adverse events.

We provide global trade mark, design, patent and copyright portfolio management to keep your business one step ahead.

Recent representative experience includes:

Global Brands Group Leaders

Mark S. Leonardo


Boston, MA


Mark Lubbock


London, UK