We’ve helped grow and sell hundreds of emerging technology businesses to Microsoft, Oracle and other industry leaders. Yours could be next.

To our emerging companies lawyers, nothing matches the excitement of bringing a new business to life. We are passionate players in this space, working daily with key incubators and growth catalysts in the United States and Europe, as well as financing sources crucial to your growth. Clients draw on our experience, know-how and relationships to realize dreams and reinvent industries.

With more than 230 lawyers on board, we have the resources to nurture your company at every stage of growth, from early seed financing, to intellectual property management, to exit strategies. An experienced partner will personally lead your team and walk you through every legal milestone and decision moment.

We assist emerging growth clients in the software, IT, digital media, semiconductors, pharmaceutical and life sciences fields with:

Strategic advice regarding your business plan

Initial organization and capital structure

Angel and venture capital financings

Public and private securities offerings

Intellectual property

Licensing relationships, in-bound and outbound

Access to sources of capital through our long-standing relationships with venture capital firms and other investors

Corporate finance activities

Mergers and acquisitions

Employment issues and equity incentive programs

Sales and distribution arrangements

Manufacturing agreements

Research and development agreements

Joint ventures and strategic alliances

Tax strategies