Intellectual Property


Korey Wilson is an associate in Brown Rudnick’s Intellectual Property Practice Group in the Boston office.

Prior to joining Brown Rudnick, Korey was a Summer Associate and Patent Intern at the firm.


Boston University School of Law – J.D., 2019
Florida State University – Ph.D., 2016 B.S., 2008

Bar Admissions

First author, "Rapid Irreversible Transcriptional Reprogramming in Human Stem Cells Accompanied by Discordance between Replication Timing and Chromatin Compartment," Stem Cell Reports (2019)
First author, "The spatio-temporal re-organization of replication foci accompanies domain consolidation during human pluripotent stem cell lineage specification," Cell Cycle (2016)
Co-author, "Evaporative edge lithography of a liposomal drug microarray for cell migration assays," Nanofabrication (2015)
Co-author, "Quantitative dose response curves from subcellular lipid multilayer microarrays," Lab Chip (2015)
Co-author, "An Improved Cerulean Fluorescent Protein with Enhanced Brightness and Reduced Reversible Photoswitching," Plos One (2011)
Co-author, "Highly stable loading of Mcm proteins onto chromatin in living cells requires replication to unload," J Cell Biol (2011)
Co-author, "Space and time in the nucleus: developmental control of replication timing and chromosome architecture," Cold Springs Harb Symp Quant Biol (2010)
Co-author, "The membrane-associated protein, supervillin, accelerates f-actin-dependent rapid integrin recycling and cell motility," Traffic (2010)