Jeffrey Jonas is among the American College of Bankruptcy's 32nd Class of Fellows to be inducted into the prestigious college in March 2021. The 37 Fellows are being honored and recognized for their “professional excellence and exceptional contributions to the bankruptcy and insolvency practice.”

Organized in 1989, the American College of Bankruptcy recognizes exceptional bankruptcy professionals for their work, their contributions to the administration of justice, their public service, and their integrity; and employs the talents, resources, and goodwill of its Fellows to promote professional excellence, collegiality, scholarship, and access to justice.

Criteria for selection as a Fellow of the College include: the highest standard of professionalism, ethics, character, integrity, professional expertise and leadership contributing to the enhancement of bankruptcy and insolvency law and practice; sustained evidence of scholarship, teaching, lecturing or writing on bankruptcy and insolvency; community service; and commitment to elevate knowledge and understanding of the profession and public respect for the practice. All Fellows also must have a minimum of 15 years of practice and 10 years of specialization in bankruptcy. The final candidates were selected by the College’s Board of Regents from among recommendations of circuit admissions councils in each federal judicial circuit and specially-appointed committees for judicial and international Fellows.

The American College of Bankruptcy is an honorary public service association of the United States and international insolvency professionals. The College is dedicated to enhancing professionalism, scholarship, diversity, and service in bankruptcy and insolvency law and practice.

At Brown Rudnick, Jeff is a partner in the Bankruptcy & Corporate Restructuring Practice Group and the Firm’s Chair of Strategic Growth. He represents official and ad hoc creditors’ and equity committees, individual creditors and distressed debt holders, indenture trustees, buyers of assets, and other parties in bankruptcy proceedings. He has practiced extensively in bankruptcy courts across the country in connection with a wide range of issues, including plan confirmation and related issues, stay relief, DIP financing arrangements, cash collateral disputes, valuation issues, and dismissal and trustee litigation.

More information about the 32nd Class of American College of Bankruptcy Fellows can be found here.