Brown Rudnick counsel, Jason Wareham, was recently awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for his performance over four years serving as both Detailed Military Defense Counsel and Managing Defense Counsel, seeking application of the Rule of Law in the first War Crimes trials held since World War II. This award is bestowed by the Secretary of the Defense to the members of the military serving in a joint capacity who distinguish themselves in a non-combat role.

As detailed in the award citation, “In this high-visibility and complex litigation, [Jason] extended his influence beyond his teams and set the standard for discovery management and analysis, written advocacy, and mentoring personnel by instilling calm in the chaotic environment of the military commissions. His dynamic leadership leaves an enduring legacy that this great Nation follows the Rule of Law, even towards those accused of committing the worst ever attacks against the United States of America.”

“No matter the case or controversy, the forum or the stakes, our Nation is founded on the principles of the Rule of Law prevailing no matter the allegations,” said Jason. “I am honored to have served with the exceptional lawyers and other support personnel in doing our part to zealously protect this core American principle.”

Jason is an experienced trial and appellate lawyer who has tried dozens of state and federal court and administrative hearing cases, many litigated under the highest stakes, including some of this country’s most highly classified capital cases. No matter the complexity of the issue, Jason commits himself to a client-centered solution where trial success is the default focus. Whatever the forum or the stage of litigation, Jason has the breadth of understanding and skill to advise and navigate any civil, administrative, or criminal matter when the stakes are the highest.