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Is the FSF more harmful to FOSS than Android?

Posted on Tuesday, Sep 27, 2011

BY Edward J. Naughton

A couple of weeks ago I noted the conversation in the FOSS community over Google’s closed development of the “open” Android mobile operating system.  That debate was sparked by the publication of some internal Google documents that instructed its Android team: “Do not develop in the open.”

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Google’s Closed Development of Android Opens Old Wounds

Posted on Monday, Sep 12, 2011

BY Edward J. Naughton

Does “open source” mean developing in the open?  Or is it good enough – legally and morally – to publicly release the code after the fact, when the next release is ready for market?  Is transparency a defining value of the open source community, perhaps even the most important value?  Or is it equally valid, and perhaps a better business practice, to keep development closed?

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