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Copyright in APIs: The Sky Won’t Fall, and The Clouds Are Safe

Posted on Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BY Edward J. Naughton

It’s “The End Of Programming As We Know It”! Oracle is going to “rewrite software law” to create crushing legal burdens on cloud computing! People will soon be able to copyright anything – there could even be a “land grab” for common words that would allow them to “lockdown” programming!

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Misusing The Defense Of Copyright Misuse

Posted on Tuesday, Mar 6, 2012

BY Edward J. Naughton

Over on Groklaw, a recent post suggested that the copyright claims in Oracle v. Google might give rise to a defense of copyright misuse.   The copyright issues in that case have been fascinating from the start:  Google has argued, for instance, that software APIs are per se uncopyrightable.   Judge Alsup rejected this argument, but I expect that we’ll hear more about it before the case is over.

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