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The Lore of Linux

Posted on Tuesday, Jun 12, 2012

BY Edward J. Naughton

Advising clients on open source is always hard, because there’s not much law but a lot of lore.  There are a couple of court decisions that discuss open source licensing, but they don’t get at the really complicated and interesting issues that arise in the day-to-day.

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Android’s Bionic Problem Is Not “Bogus”: Why Judge Alsup Got It Right And Linus Torvalds Got It Wrong

Posted on Tuesday, Nov 8, 2011

BY Edward J. Naughton

In September, federal judge William Alsup denied Google’s request for a ruling that the Java application programming interfaces (“APIs”) were, categorically, not protected under copyright law.  In that order, which came in Google’s litigation with Oracle over Google’s use of Java in its Android mobile operating system, Judge Alsup ruled that each of the disputed files must be analyzed individually to determine whether it is protected by copyright.

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