The Sun Sentinel recently published "Cuba is a political minefield for Marco Rubio," written by Brown Rudnick Corporate partner Adolfo R. Garcia.  In the article, Adolfo, who is also a key contact in Brown Rudnick's Cuba practice, discusses Marco Rubio's position on the Cuba administration; particularly, Rubio's opposition of the change of policy that opened the doors between Cuba and the U.S. back in December of 2014. 

From the article:

"Despite being vocally identified as a progressive voice for the GOP, while maintaining a foothold in present realities, Rubio is without question supporting a position that is defined by more than 50 years of futility and ineffectiveness. The policy, which used to be a winning position for political candidates, including presidential candidates in Florida since the embargo was first adopted, is likely to be regarded as a fateful position for anyone aiming to secure Florida in the 2016 election.

As a Cuban exile whose family lost everything when we moved to Miami in February 1961, I disagree totally with Rubio's position on the administration's policy change."

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