In February 2018, Global Investigations Review launched the second edition of The Practitioner’s Guide to Global Investigations, edited by Judith Seddon, Eleanor Davison, Christopher Morvillo, Michael Bowes QC and Luke Tolaini. Available online and in print, the Guide offers a single point of reference full of practical guidance from leading practitioners around the world on how to navigate the challenges of a cross-border investigation. Starting with the initial allegation and following it through to its conclusion, the guide provides unique insight into how to manage complex investigations, from both the corporate and the executive viewpoints.

Using US and UK practice and procedure, Part I of the Guide tracks the development of a serious allegation (whether originating inside or outside a company) – looking at the key risks that arise and the challenges it poses, along with the opportunities for its resolution. It offers expert insight into fact-gathering (including document preservation and collection, witness interviews); structuring the investigation (the complexities of cross-border privilege issues); and strategising effectively to resolve cross-border probes and manage corporate reputation.

Part I of the guide includes the chapter "Extraterritoriality (UK Perspective)" which was authored by Brown Rudnick Partners Mark Beardsworth and Tom Epps and Counsel Anupreet Amole.


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